18th June 2021

Canara World Music

With the sole objective of spreading the flavor of diverse Konkani culture, traditions and language among its community settled worldwide, Canara World presents you melodious songs of various Konkani & Kannada artists....
Please go through Canara World Terms & Conditions before playing music

Konkani Social Songs :
Wilfy Rebimbus
Late. Wilfy Rebimbus
Late. Mickmax
Late. Mickmax
Henry DSouza
Henry D'Souza
Fred Mendes
Fred Mendes
Gratian D'Souza

Konkani Social Songs
Melwyn Peris
Vivian Santos
Vivian Santos
Claud DSouza
Wilson Olivera
Timothy Serrao

Dance & Good Party Music Instrumental Music
Joyson DSouza
Konkani, Tulu & Traditional
songs by Joyson D'Souza
Harry DSouza
Harry D'Souza

Konkani Devotional Hymns :
Fr. Denis DSa
Fr. Denis D'Sa
Infant Jesus Shrine, Mangalore
Infant Jesus Shrine, Mangalore
Melwyn Peris
Clifford Leo DSouza

Konkani, Kannada, Hindi & Tamil Devotional Hymns by Bro. T.K. George & Fr. Franklin D'Souza English Devotional Hymns
Fr. Franklin & Bro. T.K. George
* Konkani Hymns
* Hindi Hymns
* Kannada Hymns
White Doves
White Doves, Mangalore

Canara World Terms & conditions
  1. Songs are the sole property of the respective artists.
  2. Songs must be played in their original form only.
  3. Remixing of the songs, without prior written consent of the artists, is prohibited.
  • The objective of Canara World Music is to spread the flavor of Konkani culture, traditions and language among the community settled worldwide.
  • The Canara World Music is a service, free of cost to the listeners. Downloading these songs is against the spirit of Canara Wolrd Music. We thank the artists for their generosity and request you to patronize them by buying their original CDs.
  • We regret audio quality of some of the old songs as the recording is not digital and we have no other option but to present them in their original form.

Artists willing to contribute songs for Canara World Music Library, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Songs and audio programmes compiled and sequenced for the web site by : Wilson D'Souza (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

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